Rauhmel Fox, CEO, WHOmentors.com, Inc.

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1 pair of free shoes for a teen

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$25 contribution per pair.

Goal: 60,000 shoes to entities like International Children's Games and Youth Olympic Games

Who gets skihlz™?

WHOmentors.com, Inc. pledges to support and develop teen amateur athletes for national or international competition in sports such as the International Children's Games or the Youth Olympic Games.

Why free skihlz™?

The shoe distribution program (NTEE-CC P58) operated by WHOmentors.com, Inc. is designed to prevent juvenile delinquency (youth violence and crime) and lessen neighborhood tensions (community riots) associated with sneaker obsession.

Why skihlz™?

Remind girls and boys they are equipotent! Rauhmel Fox relays a solid message, "skihlz™, knowledge, and effort are three distinct elements of individual performance. Combined together, they create an enormously potent compound, you!"

1 pair of free shoes for a teen

Donate Today!

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